The 3 Most Common Diets for Faster Weight Loss

The Dieticians and Fitness experts have come up with a lot of diet plans for people who want to lose weight. There are a lot of diet plans available these days, and that makes people think which one works. With that being said, I will give you the three most common diet programs that work to have a faster weight loss.

1. Paleo Diet


The Paleo Diet is also known by its popular name the Caveman Diet. What does Caveman do? They hunt their food. The primary purpose of this program is for you to eat the foods that are usually hunted. The diet plan does not ask you to hunt but just eat the things that are often hunted or fished like seafood and dairy fresh meat. Think about how people eat way back the Paleolithic era. They don’t have any processed food, condiments, and dairy products. You have to stick with meat, fruits, and vegetables. High carbohydrates food should be out of the picture if you want to have a successful stunt with this diet.

2. Weightwatchers Diet


The Weightwatchers diet will introduce you to the SmartPoints program. The foods will be given a value depending on the nutrient contents. You will be given the SmartPoints every day that you can spend. It’s just like you are given an allowance for a day and it’s up to you how you want to spend it. The program is designed to let you lose almost 1kg every week depending on if you will strictly follow the diet plan.

3. 5:2 Diet


The 5:2 Diet is more known as Intermittent Fasting. You get to have five days whereas you can normally eat then you will have two days of fasting. When I say normally, it doesn’t mean that you can go out on an eating spree. Yes, you don’t have to be conscious about the calorie content of the food you will eat, but still need to make the right and healthy choices when it comes to the food you will intake.

Those are the top three most common diet plans that can fasten up your weight loss. Assess yourself first on which one do you think will fit your lifestyle before you indulge yourself to any of those programs.